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The UIS Barrancabermeja officially began academic work on August 11, 1997, with 15 professors and 135 students who began studies in the careers of Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering and Technology in Productivity and Industrial Maintenance, also extended to the headquarters the Institute of Languages and the then Institute of Distance Education.

On September 4, 1997, by means of Superior Agreement 057, the creation of the UIS – BARRANCABERMEJA Campus was approved, with the purpose of developing teaching, research and extension functions in this municipality, which was carried out during the rectorial period of Mr. Jorge Gómez Duarte.

On August 20, 1997, by means of a donation contract between the Barrancabermeja Cultural Corporation and the Universidad Industrial de Santander, it was agreed to transfer the Alejandro Galvis Galvis Public Library on loan to the UIS, which provides services to the university community and the general public. This agreement came into effect thanks to the stipulations of Donation Act 186 of February 2, 1998; as of this date, the Library made its services public, including Cultural Management, based on and supported by the work carried out by the Cultural Directorate of the Main Campus. Likewise, the Children’s Room was opened and the International Piano Festival, which had been held annually since 1992, was made possible thanks to the joint work between the University and the Barrancabermeja Cultural Corporation.

Intitucional comunication



Andrés Mauricio Montes Tenorio

Coordinator Barrancabermeja campus

Ext. 6000

Daniela Hernandez Otero

Language Institute Assistant

Ext. 6050

Diana Carolina Ramirez

Communications Leader

Ext. 6020

Diana Marcela Rico

Manager of the Children's Room Library

Ext. 6040

Erica Milena Alvarado Rojas


Ext. 6023

Erick Meriño

Library Assistant

Ext. 6042

Eylen Juliana Jimenez Fuentes

Language Institute

Ext. 6026

Graciela Hernández Jiménez

Secretary Academic Coordination Distance

Ext. 6010

Jacel Mora García

Student Welfare Leader

Ext. 6018

Karen Andrea León Rodríguez

Coordination Secretary

Ext. 6001

Liliana Patricia Pinzón Hernandez

Secretary Academic Coordination Presential Academic Coordination

Ext. 6006

Lissette Raquel Ramirez Rojas


Ext. 6022

Marleny Carrillo García

Physical Plant Leader

Ext. 6015

Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Alvarado

Systems Assistant

Ext. 6029

Miryam Hernández

Cultural Management

Ext. 6038

Natalia Yara

Library Professional

Ext. 6037

Nydia Novoa Niño

Treasury Assistant

Ext. 6003

Ramiro Galvis Saavedra

IT and Telecommunications Services Leader

Ext. 6028

Víctor Alfonso Perdigón Giraldo 

HSEQ Professional

Ext. 6048

Viterbo Barreras Barrios

Academic Coordination Leader

Ext. 6009

Viviana Garcia Guerrero

Administrative Assistant

Ext. 6041

Wilfredo Salom

Library Assistant

Ext. 6042

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Icono contacto de la unidad responsable

Barrancabermeja Campus

Telephone: +57 (607) 634 4000

Extension: 6001


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Icono de la ubicación de la oficina o unidad responsable


Barrancabermeja, Santander

Carrera 28 # 60 – 00

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Icono del horario de atención de la unidad responsable

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

7:00 a.m. to 12:00 m.

2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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