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Facilities and Physical Resources

Barrancabermeja Campus





The Campus UIS Barrancabermeja is located at Carrera 28 No. 62 50 Barrio Parnaso, in the district of Barrancabermeja. The Campus consists of the Classroom and Administration Building, in operation since 1997, which consists of three floors, where there are two physics laboratories, one chemistry laboratory, three computer rooms, two descriptive classrooms, a study center, a music room, a professor’s room, three administrative offices, classrooms and a parking lot.

The Alejandro Galvis Public Library building was built in 1991 and received by the Universidad Industrial de Santander for its administration in 1998; it is a comfortable building equipped with modern furniture and lighting, its spaces are composed of a reading room, a children’s room, an exhibition hall, lounges, bathrooms, common areas and a parking lot. The UIS Barrancabermeja Campus also has a mini soccer field, a multi-sports court and green areas for common use.

Requests related to the services offered by the Physical Resources team can be made in person or via e-mail at barplanfis@uis.edu.co.

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Maintenance of physical spaces

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Maintenance of furniture and fixtures

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Loans of physical space

Icono de préstamo de equipos de laboratorio

Laboratory equipment loans

Loan of furniture

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Loan of sports facilities

Icono de prestamos de espacios culturales

Loans of cultural spaces



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